Saturday, March 10, 2007

Software for the creative types

Software is everywhere these days, soon we’ll be downloading burgers at the drive through window. Here are a few fun little programs I have picked up along the way. Most of them I use myself.

1. Google sketchup. Cannot say enough good stuff about this one! It is the all time coolest 3d design software out there. It is powerful enough to work well for stage design, yet simple enough my ten year old daughter can use it with ease. There are both free and paid versions, also check out the sketchup warehouse of free design elements you can use to enrich your art work. The one weakness is the lack of lighting available in the program itself. I understand they have a solution for this in their latest version. Here is a quick graphic I made in about twenty minutes using it.

2. Celtx screenwriting software. This is a free open source software that helps you get the right lay out for your screen plays. Also includes features that allow you to create character analysis, costume design, storyboard or set ideas and much more. The biggest limitation is that it does not play well with others and you must have Celtx to use the project file correctly, however since it is free and open source (light on code and quick to use, takes up very little space) everyone on your creative team could have it tonight. I copy it to disk and give it to my film students.

3.Jahshaka video editing software. This is another freebie. It claims to be a full featured video editing and production suite with everything from titling to transitions, to DVD authoring. Loads and operates easily so far. Have not had the time to find out if it works all the way yet or not, but worth a peek.

So there you go, have fun!

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